Sears Building – Butte, MT

Design Team: Kujawa Development, Kujawa Architecture
Sears Building Lofts
Completion Date: 2010

The Sears Building is a five story unreinforced masonry building with two below grade stories on Granite Street in the middle of Butte, MT. The building was fully renovated into condos and main level retail, housing a vibrant community as a hugely successful adaptive reuse project with a full structural upgrade to the building. BCE worked with the architect to provide historically appropriate and cost effective solutions, and performed brick strength tests on the exterior brick walls to determine the load carrying capacity. We were able to justify the exterior walls for seismic (earthquake) loads, saving the owner significant time and money with justification of the original brick for some lateral load resistance. Placement of the braced frames at the main level had to align with the future architectural needs of the building, maintain the historic character of the building, and provide adequate lateral resistance. New steel decks were designed for the residential units to maintain historic relevance and still provide exterior space for future tenants. BCE worked closely with the architect which provided a structurally adequate, aesthetically pleasing, and historically accurate design for the Sears Building.

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