Rost Residence – Telluride, CO

Design Team: Locati Architects
Completion Date: TBD

This remarkable three-story 13,350 SF home will be perched just below a ridge that overlooks beautiful Telluride, CO. Surrounded by the ski runs of Telluride Mountain, the home will only be accessible by tram much of the year. Three levels of living space, the use of natural and rustic materials, varied rooflines, and the incorporation of a water wheel pay homage to the mining history of the area.

This project presented many unique challenges in both design and construction. The high snow loads, large expanses of glass, and abundance of interior/exterior stone veneer required a large amount of structural steel. BCE worked closely with the architect to expose much of the steel to maintain the architectural vision of the residence.

Unique features such as a working draw-bridge, water wheel, steel tube trusses and 8 fireplaces required unique structural attention and coordination amongst the design team. By thinking outside the box and coming up with distinct solutions, we made a great client’s dream come true.

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