Oregon Shortline Building – West Yellowstone, MT

Design Team: A&E Architects
Owner: Town of West Yellowstone
Completion Date:

The Oregon Shortline Building was the original Union Pacific Dining Hall and is a historic structure in downtown West Yellowstone. Built in the early 1900s, the building is very similar to structures within Yellowstone National Park with timber frame roof structure, log trusses, and beautiful stone masonry walls and fireplace elements. Unfortunately, the building’s proximity to Yellowstone results in high seismic loads and roof snow loads. These loads combined with the age of the building resulted in the need to provide seismic and gravity upgrades to the building.

BCE worked with the architect to provide historically appropriate and cost effective solutions while preserving the historic character of the building. The snow loads were obviously a major consideration for the roof structural upgrades. The timber truss connections were upgraded and the roof was re-sheathed with plywood, and the roof elements were connected to the masonry piers for gravity and seismic load transfer.

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