Missoula Art Museum – Missoula, MT

Design Team: OZ Architects
Owner: Missoula Art Museum
Completion Date: 2006

The Missoula Art Museum is a historic building in downtown Missoula that wanted to transform itself into a cultural meeting place for the community. With a full structural rehabilitation of the original building in conjunction with the new addition, it has accomplished the goal of providing a meeting space for the art community. The building was originally built as the Missoula Carnegie Library and was a one-story unreinforced brick building with wood framed floors and roof. Over the years, the building had a second story added and became the home of the Missoula Art Museum. This new structural steel expansion project added much-needed display and vault space and also completely renovated the original portion to meet existing building codes for historic buildings. The addition contrasts, and yet complements, the original structure, emphasizing the beauty of old and new. Structural upgrades included initial brick testing to utilize the existing walls, avoiding an entirely new system, with new attachments to the walls at floors and roof. Structural modifications were required throughout where columns were removed, new openings were cut, and stairwells introduced into the original structure.



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