Kelly Pine Grandstand – Bonner, MT

Design Team: Porterbilt Post & Pole, Price Construction, Gavin-Hanks Architectural Studio
Bonner School District
Completion Date: April 2007

The Kelly Pine grandstand was erected in Bonner, MT to replace the original viewing stands for the Bonner School District. The structure is approximately 1,000 sq. ft. and matches the footprint of the original structure. Funding for the design came from U.S. Forest Service and Bonner School District. Small diameter round wood is utilized for the main roof structural components, trusses supporting round wood purlins, and decking. Clustered round columns with fixed bases support the main trusses, providing lateral stability without diagonal bracing which provides for unobstructed viewing for little league baseball fans. The community, where logging and the nearby mill play an important role in Bonner's history, embraced the utilization of small wood structural components as connection to the past and future. They then raised the funds to complete the building. The first little league baseball game in the new stadium was played in April 2007.

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