Hawthorne Elementary Addition – Bozeman, MT

Design Team: Comma Q Architecture
Owner: Bozeman Public Schools
Completion Date: 2017

This project consists of an approximately 11,000 sq. ft. addition adding 7 new classrooms along with significant renovations throughout much of the original building. The new construction consists primarily of structural steel utilizing concrete slabs on metal deck, open-web steel joists, and steel braced frames. The foundation consists of a combination of traditional concrete footings and concrete drilled shafts. The structure is exposed throughout much of the building, requiring close coordination between the structural, mechanical, and electrical disciplines to achieve the architect’s vision. BIM modeling and clash detection software were used throughout the design process to identify conflicts between disciplines and reduce construction issues. Challenges included construction phasing while school is in session, long joist spans, interacting with the original 1930s construction, and dealing with uncontrolled soil fill from the original construction.   

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