Equinox Housing Complex – Missoula, MT

Client: MMW Architects
Owner: Homeward
Completion Date: 2009

The Equinox Building is an affordable housing development by Homeword in Missoula, MT. The project consists of three stories of residential units and one level of below grade parking. The main structure is wood framed with steel elements creating the cantilevered canopies. With limited opportunities for columns in the parking level, steel beams and columns provide an open parking space under the living spaces above. Open web joists were installed in the floor system to provide easy access for the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing trades. Though the building was not LEED certified, several green structural practices were used. High percentage fly ash concrete was utilized in the building foundation and basement, as well as site retaining walls. Sustainably harvested wood was used for the stud walls, and the engineered wood projects did not contain any urea-formaldehydes resins. Photovoltaic panels were also added to the roof with a steel structural gridwork for support.

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