City Park Pavilion – Townsend, MT

Design Team: Forest Products Lab, Porterbilt Post & Pole
Owner: City of Townsend
Completion Date:
Spring 2005

The 30' x 50’ pavilion was constructed for the city of Townsend, MT. Funding for the design was by the Forest Products Lab in Madison WI, as part of the initiative to promote the structural use of small diameter wood. The initial design was sketched on a napkin with city council members and approved by the mayor. Design features four small diameter timber bents that delineate the structures cross section with jack trusses defining hips off the main bents at each end. The raised central clerestory portion of the main bents allows natural light to filter to the main section of the pavilion while still protecting occupants from the elements. Fabrication of the small diameter components was by Porterbuilt Post & Pole in Hamilton, MT and shipped to the site. The foundation, erection of round wood components, roof deck, and finish was completed by community volunteers.

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