Butte-Silver Bow Archives – Butte, MT

Design Team: A&E Architects
Owner: Butte-Silverbow Archives
Completion Date: June 2010

The Butte-Silverbow Archives building project consisted of the renovation of the historic 1900 original fire station in the heart of Butte, MT, with a substantial addition for a new entry and vault space for the archives. The original building was a two story unreinforced brick building with wood framed floor and roof. A tall wood framed hose drying tower extended above the building and was stabilized to remain, while the remainder of the building was renovated to meet the seismic and snow loads for Butte, MT. To utilize the existing brick walls for seismic loads, BCE performed brick shear testing and established new lateral elements and connections to the exterior walls. The new portion of the building was constructed with concrete precast wall panels and steel floor and roof joists.

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