Matthew Schmidt

Matt began his engineering career as a science whiz kid who loved to build stuff. In college, the name of his rock band was, not surprisingly, The Naildrivers. After four years of playing keyboards and studying civil engineering, Matt got a B.S. from the University of Colorado in 1993, then spent six years working in Boulder, CO. He joined BCE in 1999 and has since become its big-building specialist. He takes charge of bridges, schools, municipal building, factories — in other words, large commercial projects that require structural steel, masonry, pre-cast concrete, and post-tensioned concrete. Matt has spearheaded projects throughout the United States and Canada and was previously president of the Structural Engineers Association of Montana. A solid family man, Matt coaches youth soccer in the summer and hockey in the winter. With his better half, he’s raising three kids, a black lab, a terrier, and somewhere between five and 15 minnows.

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