Jami Lorenz

Jami is a born-and-bred Montana girl. She joined the BCE Structural family in 2005 after trading a stint in the big city of Seattle for the ultimate work-life balance the mountains of Montana demand. Specializing in renovating existing buildings, her passion for “Engineering C.S.I.” lends itself to creative solutions for buildings with uniquely varied pasts, revitalizing them for their future potential. Most recently she has been working in Yellowstone National Park to seismically upgrade their buildings before the next big shaker. Her higher education resume includes the first new 400 bed freshman residence hall at MSU since 1965 - one of the state's largest projects with a $35 million construction cost. In general, she enjoys the challenge of keeping the architect’s vision alive while fact checking against real-world physics. She finds working in a male-dominated profession “interesting," but says that at the end of the day she’ll take the dirty jokes over girl-talk any day. Jami graduated from Montana State University in 1998 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering, and is a registered Professional Engineer in 7 states.


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