Bruce Haroldson

One of BCE's first employees, Bruce serves as a project coordinator, structural designer, computer network administrator, and CAD Manager. Bruce’s variety of job duties match his colorful background. Bruce claims that when he was 17, he managed the pig barn at the county fair and proudly wore a 4-H badge with his name directly above the word “Swine.” We’re reasonably sure that he earned a degree in Biology from Concordia College in 1976, and two years later started graduate studies in Botany at the University of Montana in Missoula. After that he may or may not have taken a job with the US Forest Service climbing trees, and, when necessary, shooting rogue Ponderosa pines. He then progressed to Journeyman Carpenter and Joiner, which he defines as “Old Weird Craftsman." He was also a founding member of Mountain Valley Carpentry, whose motto was “We’ve screwed up more than most people have attempted.” Bruce came to BCE in 1996, just after his all-you-can-eat lutefisk bar was closed by the county health inspector. As we said, that’s Bruce’s version. What we know for sure is that his recent accomplishments include the design and construction of award-winning informational kiosks made of roundwood harvested from fire-prone forests. When he’s not at BCE, Bruce is definitely a hockey coach, whitewater rafting enthusiast, and member emeritus of the Missoula Consolidated City/County Planning Board.

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