BCE Staff Participates in CANdemonium 2015!

Claire Baer, Matt McCabe, and Cory George volunteered for the CANdemonium (previously CANstruction) food drive on March 20. Along with our partner for the event DIRECTV, we raised enough money to buy 980 cans of food, including chili, Manwich, and snap peas.  The theme of the event was "CANelot" leading to a variety of creative structures!

The BCE team chose to make an iron throne and call it Dethrone Hunger-“Can of Thrones”. It won the prize of "Best Meal" for the variety and amount of food used.

Once the structures were judged on their design, cohesiveness, structural prowess, etc., the cans were donated to the local food bank for families in need.  The event raised 11,375 lbs of food (7,583 meals) and over $1,000 in donations for our local food bank!

It was a great time for a great cause!



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