Alex Smith

Unlike the majority of the engineers in the Bozeman office, Alex was accepted at BCE without having obtained an engineering degree from MSU. After getting his undergraduate degree from Bucknell University and graduate degree from Cornell University, he spent two years working as a structural E.I.T. in NYC. Although the experience was great and he learned a lot, Alex quickly realized that he needed to get out of the city and test out life closer to the mountains. After a weekend visit and an invitation to beer:30, he pulled the trigger and moved to Montana, and has thoroughly enjoyed the change. In his newly found free time, Alex enjoys most anything outside, especially hiking, backpacking, and climbing. In addition to these activities, he spends a good amount of time playing and traveling with the Bozeman ultimate frisbee team. Alex is excited to keep exploring the amazing outdoor opportunities that are available in Bozeman and its surrounding areas.

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