Innovative. Experienced. Committed.


Hmmm. You've heard those words from every engineering firm that has handed you a brochure. And yes, we can promise you all of that. But what makes us different (and better, we believe) is our personality. We only hire engineers who share our itch for big architectural ideas - people with no kill switch, who keep looking for great options long after they've found a good one. If you have a design worth protecting, call us. We'll show you how we can keep it on track by using the power of persistence. And the strength of ideas.

Best Firm To Work For 2015 Award Beaudette Structural Engineering AwardAt BCE Structural we pride ourselves on providing the finest service in structural engineering with the manpower, experience, and resources to meet all of the design and construction goals of any project. Voted one of the best structural engineering firms to work for by Structural Magazine and the Zweig Group for seven years, we have attracted and retained some of the best and brightest individuals in our industry. Founded as Beaudette Consulting Engineers, Inc. in 1990 by Tom Beaudette, BCE has grown to over 35 employees across Montana, including 15 licensed engineers. With engineers licensed in all 50 states as well as British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Alberta, we offer clients across North America unparalleled consulting presence. Our expansive resume includes projects ranging from small investigations and additions to multi-million dollar facilities. Our scope of consulting services covers all phases of building design, production of Construction Documents, Structural and Seismic Engineering services, and Construction Administration services. BCE makes it a priority to maintain the latest tools in engineering consulting, from computer and drafting equipment and software to continuing education for the entire staff. As the largest Structural Engineering firm in Montana, we maintain expertise in structures of all sizes and material combinations to provide our clients with aesthetically innovative and safe building environments.


Great engineers like great places. Lucky for us, we're in a supremely bikeable, skiable, fishable, mountain climbable part of the country. Even better, we keep getting voted one of the best structural engineering firms to work for. The result: we get the brightest minds in our offices and you get them working on your projects. Check out our available positions and join our team!



As a rule, we get our employees and some clients together each Friday at 4:30 to rehash the week, drink a few brewskies, and build camaraderie. A central feature of Missoula's Beer:30 is the office's 25 foot shuffleboard table which provides a healthy dose of office competition and entertaining matches for hours on end.

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Each year BCE gathers our employees and their families for an annual retreat at Swan Lake in northern Montana for 4 days of no work and all play. Everyone partakes in water sports, croquet, good food, and general relaxation.




BCE employees let loose on a summer Friday afternoon once a year and enjoy whitewater excitement on the Alberton Gorge of the Clark Fork River.




The troops load up on a big bus packed with vittles and jokes every winter for a day of fun at one of Montana's great ski resorts. It’s another great opportunity for staff and their families to get together for a day of skiing and relaxation.


We have engineers licensed in all 50 states, and 3 Canadian provinces,
giving us the versatility to handle projects across the nation.





logo_leedAPThe BCE staff understands the innovation and flexibility required by a LEED building project and thrives on these challenges. We played an integral role in the design of the LEED Platinum certified Missoula Federal Credit Union in Missoula, MT that has achieved national notoriety as the “first structure in the world where all concrete is made of 100% recycled content”, containing 100% fly ash and recycled glass aggregate within the concrete mix. The Native American Studies Center on University of Montana’s campus is another LEED Platinum certified building with a dodecagonal (12 sided) gathering area that accentuates the sky light in the center of the roof.

We have designed several straw bale structures and have further worked directly with structural insulated panel manufacturers in the design and justification of the environmentally sensitive panels with very high thermal capacities.

In all our projects, we continue to specify recycled materials, wood, steel, fly ash concrete, and other more obscure green building materials on non-LEED projects to promote the use of recycled projects. We're not afraid of stepping outside the box and specifying new environmentally friendly products in our structures, and we'll help weigh the opportunities within your new building project.

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